About Us

Emma Gregory

Communication and Visual Arts Editor

Emma is a queer, disabled artist and writer from Gig Harbor, Washington. She grew up in Georgia and doesn’t have an accent, most of the time. She is an Operations Coordinator on Eckerd College’s Search and Rescue team.

Lily Erb

Poetry Editor

Although Lily is a native Long Islander, she speaks with no accent. She did not cry when she was born. When she was eight, she was involved in a horse-related incident which led her to her first nose job. Lily’s next few nose jobs will come in years to pass. She enjoys poetry and tolerates everything else in life. Her biggest inspirations are Christopher McCandless, Anne Carson, and Donna from Mamma Mia. She dreams of publishing a book, meeting Stevie Nicks, moving somewhere westward, and eating copious amounts of mango sticky rice in no particular order. Out of all the editors, she smells the weirdest.

Erin Matozel

Fiction Editor

Erin spends her time consumed by fictional worlds and using grocery money to buy books. She is from the chilly state of Massachusetts and dreams of one day jumping across the pond to live in England. Inspired by countless fantasy writers before her, like J.R.R.Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson, she hopes to build new and enchanting worlds and give unrepresented readers the opportunity to see themselves within the pages of her novels.

Tor Ferrante

Experimental Editor

Tor spends most of her time being influenced by various creative platforms. These platforms include, but are not limited to film, art, and any form of creative and experimental pieces that she can get her hands on. While living in St. Petersburg, she is able to explore the new city that she has just moved to and be enveloped, not only by the warmth, but the artistic atmosphere for a lot of her inspiration. If she’s not roaming around town, you can find her either petting dogs, taking a nap, or listening to music. At the end of the day, Tor strives to influence others into doing what they truly enjoy!

Clea Dobrish

Nonfiction Editor

Clea has recently been reunited with her love for reading. As a child, she engulfed herself in fiction stories and got lost in fantasy worlds. Today, she finds herself enthralled with memoirs and autobiographies instead, a genre she never thought she would be drawn to. She is desperate to learn about other people and listen to their stories. Her dream job would be an art therapist using writing and other forms of artistic expression. She loves to travel and hates the cold.

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